Monday, December 10, 2012


                                        UNTIL NEXT YEAR, DECEMBER NIGHTS!
I am exhausted from all the activities at our annual December Nights! Brandon, my poodle buddy, Erika the rag doll cat, Franklin the arachnophobic rat, and I are basically immobile from all the goodies we have eaten from hand outs and crumbs on the ground. This is just Heaven! We still haven't covered the whole Village for overlooked goodies!
This year, we had so many guests walk into our Village and enjoy the decorated, cheerful, colorful, ambience of the Holidays. Twinkling lights, trees decorated with Christmas packaging & balls, booths lined up and down the patio displaying and selling their artwork, the aroma of food from the food booths, every studio spruced up and decorated for the holiday event....every year, this event happens, and every year, it is a place of magic, old time memories, and charm.
Soon, my cousin 'Miss Molly' will be visiting me...can't wait for you to meet her. In the meantime, I need to knock off a pound or two before she comes....(she's a silly, vain, creature and I couldn't have her slimmer than me).
Come visit us in Spanish Village Art Center...we're open 7-days a week, 11AM-4PM, and we have 37 working studios for you to see, and perhaps purchase a handmade, original, piece of art. We are family and pet friendly, free to come and visit, usually have live music for you to enjoy, and the vintage and ambience of a village in Spain.
Time for a nap, again....
Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 3, 2012


Greetings Everyone!





 It's a free event held every year in Balboa Park.

Come early, there is limited parking, shuttle service from the VA Hospital, valet parking, and for those of you who are not polar bears, dress warmly! Bring your appetite, because there are lots of food boots, and yummies to enjoy!


 It's Thanksgiving weekend which means LEFTOVERS! Yes! Bites of turkey and stuffing, yam with marshmallows, cranberry sauce, and scraps of pumpkin pie!

I'm pretty stuffed from oblidging everyone's generosity to me, and am lying down motionless for lack of energy....too stuffed.

 Around me, villagers are intently decorating the village in preparation of 'DECEMBER NIGHTS'....AKA: Christmas on the Prado....a great family event where over 100,000 visitors come to celebrate and experience the holiday event.

On this festive Friday and Saturday night, museums are free, colorful Christmas lights are festooned throughout the Park, free entertainment everywhere, lots of caroling and music at the Organ Pavilon, ethnic foods galore at the International Houses, and much ado for the holiday season throughout the Park....

But, I'd rather stay in Spanish Village Art Center, where my Village family welcomes everyone into our charming, quaint, storybook setting, lined with vintage white cottages, and outdoor booths, displaying a wide variety of original artwork to admire and sell.

Up and down the Village are twinkling, colorful lights, festive decorations, food booths, live Christmas music, a live Santa to tell your gift wishes, and the aroma of popcorn, cinnamon, and apple cider.

Christmas in Spanish Village is a glimpse into the Old Time Christmas.

Don't be surprised to see dogs dressed up with hats, some lighted up, wearing Christmas frocks, and colorful bows.

In Studio 26, dogs receive courtesy Christmas collar bows, tasty doggy milkbones, belly rubs, pats on the head, and fresh water....a pet friendly stop.

I am looking forward to seeing you! I will be the fluffy, longhaired, 4-legged, smiling, beauty, with the big pink bow on my collar!




Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ROXIE (aka Bella) 13 + Years of Wonderful Life

                                                         MISS ROXIE and TOM
merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream! RLS
A cool, slight breeze, lifts my fluffy fur, pushing the fur from my face. I am running in a field of dew covered clover, fragrant, singing, flowers are turning their heads toward the warm sun. The sound of happy, barking, dogs join me as they greet me, and frolick.
I have never felt this happy. I think I am home.
Something rouses me. I hear someone calling my name, offering me a slice of pizza.
Not this time.
I lay my head down, returning to this magical, beautiful, place, where I run, play, bark, and feel an indescribable joy.
In this dream, I'd rather stay.
And so, Miss Roxie AKA: Bella the Blogging Dog, passed away at the ripe old age of 14 years. A joy, a twinkle, a love, an intrinsic, beautiful, 4-legged, vibration in Spanish Village....through the years.....leaves her footprints in the memory of so many villagers who will miss her.
Author's Note: Bella will still live on in her blog. I think Miss Roxie would want it this way, and besides, she adores the notoriety.
So, good-bye good time I see you, I promise to rub your tummy, bring you a brand new pink bow, and a big slice of pizza.

Until Later,

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Last Saturday was the Doggy Costume Contest.....dogs dressed as hotdogs, hamburgulars, kings, bumble bees, scary hatchet dogs and, ................


                 Movie Star MAE WEST
 ..  and, my newly discovered Love.....SIMON!
He came as Frank Sinatra, Old Blue Eyes....and when I looked into those dreamy Siberian Huskey blue eyes, I knew I was thunderstruck....I think I'm in love. Simon! Simon! Simon! He won the most handsome category....hubba, hubba! I keep wondering how it would be to be Mrs. Simon....I keep roaming the Village to try to capture his scent!

Love, really is a splendid thing!

Until Later Loves,

Bella, the Thunderstruck Dog.

Sunday, October 21, 2012










It's drizzling this weekend, after weeks of heat and humid discomfort. I am hoping for a dry Saturday, because of the Doggy Halloween Costume Contest!

I am going to be a princess (and any other princesses better watch out!)...Miss Piggy and I have quite a bit in common....Brandon, my poodle buddy, is coming as Dean Martin, complete with cocktail glass.....and he's going to bring his buddy, Simon, as Frank Sinatra!...Old Blue Eyes!.....Studio 26 is giving out Halloween treats for the four legged friends....and the other studios are handing out Halloween treats for the trick or for me, I am looking forward to just being beautiful and adored.


Everyone, come share the Halloween festivities, Saturday, October 27th in Spanish Village Art Center!

Until the witches and goblins get you!



Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Nose, Paws, Tongue.
Nose, Paws, Tongue.
Nose, Paws, Tongue.

They are all working overtime, day and night, reacting to the hot and humid days and nights, lasting for days, then, weeks and now, months.

Do I look any thinner from this constant sauna? Nooo! Just haggard and panting, and my fluffy fur is quickly loosing it's bounciness.


Fortunately, I went home with my best buddy Tom. Here is a photo of me, stretched out on his cool, airconditioned, tiled, kitchen floor.
Gentrified gals, like me, require airconditioning, cool fresh water, tummy rubs, leftover pizza, and Johnny Cash. Now, Johnny Cash is one hot I like. Woof!
Despite this heat, Andy, in studio 19, is teaching and demonstrating glass blowing. Village artists are sweating and creating in their 90-100 degree studios.....and patio artists have set up canopies for protection from the sweltering heat....
However, Brandon, my poodle buddy, Erika, the rag doll cat, Emily, the squirrel, Franklin, the arachnophobic rat, and all my other 4-legged friends, have the sense to stay out of the heat....well, such are humans.....
Stay Cool, My Loves,

Saturday, August 18, 2012


JOSE RUIZ, author, artist, just an all around good guy!
In our village, many art forms are appreciated. On a warm and quiet Sunday morning, I plunked down in studio 13's cool, concrete, floor, where Sylvia creates and displays organic, clay, creations, many depicting her Native American heritage.

However, on this beautiful day, she has welcomed JOSE RUIZ, to do a reading of his second published book...a book of poetry...words read with his intonations, reflecting his life and views of life...some whimsical and some thoughtful.

The willingness to express Art comes diversified...Expressions in clay, glass, paintings, wood and more, lend to visual images of Art. The expressions in words lead to images from our minds. All, hopefully affecting our emotions. All being different forms of Art.

Do you think Art is Emotion?
I think pizza is emotion.....and a cool, freshly, dug hole to lie in.....
JOSE'S books are offered on Amazon.....  Click on Link below!
"Thunder and Wind" 100 Poems
Keep Cool,
Love, Bella




The Glory Hole at Studio 19 Spanish Village Art Center - Balboa Park
Andy, in studio 19, has a working art studio at the back of the village in an alcove. In her studio, you can see the results of her glass blowing, purchase them, if you like, or stand outside and watch her demonstrate the art of blowing glass or teaching a student the steps to blowing glass. Because of the nature of her equipment, the high temperature from the glory hole, and molten glass, safety is equally important as the actual learning of glass blowing....and having the skin of an iguana, because of the need for high tolerances of heat....

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling
It is amazing how small grains of sand-like material melts with high heat, and allows itself to be blown, with human breath, into different shapes and sizes.
Andy brings to life, an old, respected, craft, and shares the skill to her students.

                                                     Andy and Kevin - Studio 19
On weekends, and some weekdays, you can drop by and watch her demonstrate.

As for me, heats makes my fur frizzy, so I prefer to keep a distance, preferably near someone eating....who likes to share.

Until Later My Loves,


Monday, August 13, 2012


SCOTT KUHNLY and BELLA (aka Roxie)

SCOTT KUHNLY, a member of Spanish Village for over 40 years, passed away July 27, 2012.   For as long as I've been with the Village, Scott would give me bites of his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, long tummy rubs, and pats on my head followed by the familiar sounds of his voice. Scott displayed his watercolor and oil paintings near the entrance of the Village on the patio.
The scent of Scott has disappeared, and the habit of seeing him almost every weekend makes me sad, now that he is gone. An overwhelming minutiae of feelings and memories leave me uncertain, but I focus on special memories with Scott....the minutiae dissipates to warm thoughts and memories I hold in my heart....recapturing my friend, Scott....and that feels good.
Until Later, all my Love, Bella

Check out an earlier post with Scott and I at this link.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Good Morning, I've been rising earlier with the laughing, chattering, and excitement brought on by the kids who are attending the village's summer school program. Children, ages 6 and up, attend by the week, art classes taught by village artists....classes are held both in the morning and afternoon....Handsculpting with clay, objects made from natural fibers gleaned from the park,
acrylic painting, mixed media classes and so much more, offer children eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, use of art utensils, focus, color/pattern and shape appreciation, and a happy environment to introduce kids to art.
The creations made by the kids bring smiles to their faces, and an opportunity to make new friends, and good memories of Spanish Village Art Center. As for me, I love all the attention from the kids, especially when it's lunch time, Until later, much love, Bella

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Brandon, my poodle buddy, and I are lying on Mary's cool tile floor. We are relishing the moment Franklin, the arachnophobic rat, discovers the pizza crust he is smuggly nibbling on has a smashed spider underneath it.

Mary Renner, artist Studio 16A

Mary is a sand artist in studio is a calm studio, lined with jars of assorted, muted, colored sands of various courseness, from assorted locations. Throughout her studio, she displays sand art depicting containers, objects of nature, wall art and much more .  It is a fading, unique craft that Mary keeps alive. You can drop by and watch her create these wonderful pieces of sand art.

In the meantime, Brandon and I are still waiting on Franklin.
Until Later, take care....Love, Bella

Monday, July 9, 2012


Art Interpreted in Flowers, Oil Painting by Joan Nies

Yesterday was a sunny and fun day for the yearly Open House. The courtyard was covered with booths displaying paintings of all ilks, jewelry, photographs, organic baskets, custom clothing, doo-dads, and much more.
Art Interpreted in Flowers, Pastel and Oil Painting by Dot Renshaw  

Live music drifted through the air, lines of hungry visitors waited for a scoop of ice cream, or a spicy tamale, while others enjoyed bidding on village artwork from the Silent Auction, or floral arrangements from The Art In Bloom...
Until Later, take care....Love, Bella!

Monday, July 2, 2012


Susan Ludwig  "Art In Bloom" this weekend
Do I have a house to open? Perhaps, a dog house? It occurs to me, I have no house...alas, neither does Erika the rag doll cat, Brandon my dog buddy, Franklin the arachnophobic rat, and many other 2-legged and 4-legged Village friends.
HOWEVER, this Saturday, July7, 11AM to 6PM, Spanish Village Art Center is celebrating its yearly OPEN HOUSE! EVERYONE IS INVITED! All 37 working art studios will be open, including a walking tour of the studios, refreshments and live music! COME WATCH painters interpreting their artwork in flowers for the Art In Bloom activity. And, if you are looking for good deals on interesting and varied pieces of art, come join the SILENT AUCTION ! any event, come rub my tummy.
Okay, okay, so I don't have a house to have an Open House.....but, you know what? I have my health, a tail that wags, the warm and cool breezes through my fur, good village friends, and tasty treats. I guess it's how you feel, rather than what you have, that is important....
Until Later, woof woof, bark bark, and all that stereotyping.....
Love Bella (aka Roxie)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012



Summer is here with its long warm days and mother earth celebrating. Erika, my rag doll cat companion, and I were lying underneath the sunflowers. Emily, the squirrel, and her friends must have planted this beautiful sunflower garden.....we enjoy the beauty now, and as it grows older, the blossoms will produce sunflower seeds for Emily and her friends to eat......the garden is in the alcove where studios 24, 25, 26 & 27 are located....drop by and enjoy the glass art, photographs, jewelry, baskets, and paintings in the alcove! In studio 26, there are doggy milkbones for my friends, and near the sunflower garden, fresh water for thirsty wagging tails. The village is open 7 days a week from 11am to 4 pm! Hope to see you! Love, Bella

If your in Balboa Park today, stop by our village and see "Squirrel Garden" yep that's right "Squirrel Garden" SUNFLOWERS planted and well kept by our 4 entertaining Golden Red Tails squirrels. They are very vocal by chatters, growls and screeches. They love to chase each other up and down their handmade ladder built by artist. Find them at Studios 24-27.
Enjoy the sunflowers while they last!

Have a safe 4th of July.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hello Everyone! It's another sunny day in Spanish Village.

This past weekend was the Potter's Guild Sale held throughout the courtyard of the village. Lots of people enjoying the original pieces of claywork such as vases, sculptures, coffee cups, dishes, sushi plates, and so much more....and, very interesting assortments of glazes.

Brandon, my poodle buddy, and I dug a nice, cool, hole under the blooming Jacaranda tree, enjoying the cool breezes, and the occassional tummy rubs.

The Potter's Guild, open daily, has a large workshop/studio in Spanish Village, where dozens of artist display and sell interesting objects de arte, or utilitarian clayworks.

A nice coffee cup would make a great FATHER'S DAY gift!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


LAI and Bella (aka Roxie) at the Wishing Well

Memorial Day weekend at the village was a sunny day in paradise.....Visitors meandered through the 37 working art studios, listened to live guitar music, while the aroma of hamburgers on the grill wafed through the air from The Village Grill Restaurant....this is a photo of me and Lai in front front of the wishing well.....behind it is Studio 27, Jane's jewelry workshop, where you can check out all sorts of original jewelry, some made out of crystal, gemstones, natural stones and even fossils. I bet you can guess what I am wishing for.....A Village Grill Hamburger, for sure!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


My new buddy Leo It was a lazy Sunday in the village. Brandon and I were hanging out, looking for any action....and now I think I've seen it all. Riding down the patio is a Pomeranian, named Leo, in a remote controlled roadster! Brandon and I were busting a gut laughing!.....What really made us bust a gut, was the pride and importance Leo emitted while cruising the he for real??? me, it's like showing up in school just wearing your undies.
There definitely are interesting, funny, if not strange, stuff to see in the village!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


ANN L MITCHELL, ARTIST BLOWN GLASS Erika, the rag doll cat, and I were laying in a cool, freshly dug up hole, listening to Ramon strum on his guitar.....the patio was covered with tables laden with all kinds of glassware....vases, jewelry, dishes, suncatchers, sushi dishes, tea pots, odd coffee cups, and whimsical animals.....alll made of glass! Mother's Day weekend was the twice yearly patio glass sale. Erika climbed a tree and was adoring the school of glass fish....she wanted you to see it, too.
CYNDY McQUADE, ARTIST BLOWN GLASS Did you know we have school for glass blowing here in the village??? Well, that's a different kind of school....


I was dozing under the jacaranda tree when I felt a slight touch on my nose.....opening my eyes, I saw this beautiful butterfly looking right at me.....and then she flew off....what must it feel like to fly??? I can only imagine. During this time of year, you can see different colored butterflies gracing our plants and flowers in Spanish Village. Occassionally, I see Priscilla or Erika jump on them for sport. each their own, I wouldn't catch me or Brandon doing such a ridiculous stunt.


TOM and ROXIE (aka BELLA) Do you like my hair style? I overheard my buddy Tom saying I needed a grooming. Here's me and Tom posing in front of 'The Warrior', a sculpture created from the Sculptor's Guild, here in Spanish Village. It is adorned with glass, rocks and glass.....did you know it is hollow inside? We have 6 guilds reresenting various arts and crafts.....such as the sculptor's guild; enamal guild; potter's guild; woodcarver's guild; glass guild; and the Southwest Art Association......many of them offer classes. If you see me and Tom walking about the Park, come by and say 'hi'.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Last Sunday, we celebrated Earth Day at the park.....I heard we had over 60,000 visitors. Booths were set up along the Prado to represent different interest groups who wanted to spread the word, and the aroma of cheese burgers permeated the air. Brandon, my poodle buddy, and I layed around and got pets on the head, and an occassional belly rub. I asked him if he understood Earth Day, and he said he understood a good, cool, freshly dug up hole of earth in which to lie down......I can't say I disagree. I guess you could say the Earth is a provider of many necessities and enjoyments.....some call her Mother Earth..... Somehow, I don't remember my Mother, but I do know Mother's Day is coming up next month....the same weekend of the big patio glass sale. If you can, come on out and check out the glassware and art, find something for your Mother......and rub my tummy!!! Love and Kisses, Bella

Friday, April 20, 2012


TITANIC Do you believe in ghosts? Priscilla and Erika claim to see them all the time....perhaps a feline predisposition. However, humans remind themselves of the past by dressing up in period costumes, viewing old photographs, and collecting old memorabilia. Last weekend was the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, the doomed luxury liner. There was much excitement over the anniversary throughout the Park. From the Natural History Museum, where the Titanic Exhibition is being held, the captain of the ship, and a first class passenger, pose for a photograph, as they stroll through Spanish Village Art Center, helping to commemorate a wrinkle in time, where people believed they had, indeed, built 'The Ship of Dreams... .....little could they have imagined, less than a hundred years later, an international space station, floating out in another ocean of space. As for me, I would like to dream of an ocean of pizza and milkbones.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


DREAMING You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one...................John Lennon Here I am at Tom's house, on my favorite sofa, ready for my afternoon nap. (yawn)....I am pooped out from taking my morning walk through Spanish Village Art Center, saying 'hi' to my artist friends, enjoying the artwork and listening to the live music. Every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, Tom and I enjoy the beauty of the Park....I get belly rubs, compliments, and pats on the head from passerbys, and Tom tells our friends about my blog..... There is nothing like a soft, comfy, sofa....well, except, a warm, cheesy, piece of pizza!


On Sunday, the Easter Bunny paid a visit to our village.

Colorful, plastic eggs, stuffed with candy and necklaces, were hidden throughout the day for our yearly egg hunt.

Laughing children, armed with baskets, brown paper or plastic bags, searched the patio for eggs, hidden in the planters, perched on benches, or waiting on the window ledges.

Brandon, my poodle buddy, who spent the afternoon with me, observed the festivities. I asked him what he thought of the Easter bunny, and he said they tasted like chicken.....Agghh! Erika, the rag kitten, scampered by with a mouse squirming from her mouth.

I guess it was a good day of hunting for the children and for me, I prefer a slice of pizza.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Here I am taking a short break to PEOPLE WATCH it's such a windy and blustery day in Balboa Park. Sigh!.

It's funny. You can't see the wind, but you can feel and see the effects of it.
My fur may appear a bit disheveled, an effect from the blustery, rainy, week.

Pricilla, our feral cat, who detests getting her paws wet, and Franklin, our overly anxious village rat, have found hiding places for warmth and shelter.

At night, on the weekend, the folks in the alley set up a party called 'Art in the Alley' was raining, but the artists and guests were having fun. Everyone was giving me taste treats (my favorite was meat balls), pats on my head, belly rubs (ahhh!), and compliments.

I love village festivities!

Is Love like the wind? You can't exactly see it, yet you feel and see the effects. What do you think?

Until later,

Bella aka Roxie

FYI! I am constantly walking up to those who smile, When Im not watching people, I love to rub up against them for a "petting-session".

Should I have my own Facebook page?

Monday, March 5, 2012

It's me Bella aka Roxie and meet Mr. Tom

Here I am with Mr. Tom one of my very best friends. Do you like my Pink Bow? Lai made that for me. Lai is an artist in Studio 26 at Spanish Village Art Center. She feeds me doggie treats.

I can't wait to go outside and see all my friends in Balboa Park today.
Hi All,

I didn't realize how much I love Spanish Village, until I nudged Pricilla, the feral cat, said 'hi' to Franklin the village rat, or visited my artist friends in their studios, where without shame, I rolled over on my back for tummy rubs, and mooched taste treats.

I love the freedom of being at Spanish Village.....watching art, of all kinds, being created, listening to the live music, and enjoying the happy visitors who come and enjoy the village.

Most of all, I love being reunited with my best buddy, Tom, who comes and takes me for walks throughout Balboa Park, and sometimes takes me to his home to hang out.

There is much to Love at Spanish Village!

Friday, February 17, 2012


My Best Friend is Tom you will find the two of us roaming Balboa Park on any given day. Please stop and say hello.

SOMETIMES, you can't teach an old dog new tricks...apparently, I'm one of those dogs. I found out a lot about myself while living with residential living brings out the dysfunctional characteristics in me.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the 2 square meals a day, the smell of roast beef cooking, a place on her bed to sleep, countless belly rubs, new ribbons on my collar almost everyday, but all that gentrified living brought out the crazy in me.

As the countless days passed, I couldn't tell one day from the other. The television was constantly on, the little, white, yapping, fuzzy dog on the otherside of the fence annoyed me, and soon I was daydreaming about holding her by the neck and shaking her. I constantly barked at her to come out, so I could bark, growl and lunge at her. The Zen in me grew fangs. It was no longer a peaceful neighborhood.

Rapidly, I became frustrated and found relief in the tactile feeling of chewing on assorted shoes. Fuzzy slippers, tennis shoes, rubber crocks, strapped high heels, leather loafers....all lent relief with each chew. The backyard was riddled with pit holes I had compulsively dug.

My hindquarters began housing itchy, bitey, pinching, bugs which caused me to knaw at myself incessantly..... Lai took me to a veteranarian, who concluded there were no itchy, bitey culprits on me, and my overall behavior was an emotional reaction to my lifestyle.

Lai could see I needed to return to the Village, where each day held something different, and where I could be with my all my friends especially TOM my caretaker now. I'll never run away again I promise.


There really is no place like home, and home for me is Spanish Village Art Center!

I'll be writing you soon!