Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Nose, Paws, Tongue.
Nose, Paws, Tongue.
Nose, Paws, Tongue.

They are all working overtime, day and night, reacting to the hot and humid days and nights, lasting for days, then, weeks and now, months.

Do I look any thinner from this constant sauna? Nooo! Just haggard and panting, and my fluffy fur is quickly loosing it's bounciness.


Fortunately, I went home with my best buddy Tom. Here is a photo of me, stretched out on his cool, airconditioned, tiled, kitchen floor.
Gentrified gals, like me, require airconditioning, cool fresh water, tummy rubs, leftover pizza, and Johnny Cash. Now, Johnny Cash is one hot I like. Woof!
Despite this heat, Andy, in studio 19, is teaching and demonstrating glass blowing. Village artists are sweating and creating in their 90-100 degree studios.....and patio artists have set up canopies for protection from the sweltering heat....
However, Brandon, my poodle buddy, Erika, the rag doll cat, Emily, the squirrel, Franklin, the arachnophobic rat, and all my other 4-legged friends, have the sense to stay out of the heat....well, such are humans.....
Stay Cool, My Loves,

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