Thursday, May 30, 2013


There's a rhythm to the special occassions to Spanish Village. One such event is the 'Potter's Guild Twice Yearly Patio Sale', on June 8th and 9th from 10 AM to 5 PM. Booths cover our spacious patio, displaying all things made from clay. Coffee cups to sculptures, raku to sagger, utilitarian to decorative objects of art can be found....all handmade, one of a kind...come meet the potters!
Father's Day is Sunday, June 16th! Come pick out a handmade coffee cup or browse the tables for something else. While you are enjoying the Village, pick up a roster/application to Spanish Village's Summer School for Art. Classes are held weekly, Mon-Fri, July through August, 9 AM to 12 PM or 1 PM to 4 PM. Cost: $140.00 per morning or afternoon class...or check our website :

Summer School is always a joy for Franklin, the arachnophobic rat, Erika, the ragdoll cat, and the numerous other 4-legged creatures that hang out at the Village....why? ALL THE FOOD LEFTOVER, whether it's in the trash, tossed out to us, or left on the ground, we all appreciate the goodies! Kids are notorious for leaving food around....
Oh! Here comes Rebecca! She's got a brush and a new ribbon to put in my fur!
Remember to come by and pat me on the head, bring some pizza, and perhaps a meatball sandwich for me, next time you see me!
....and a bit of advice to the sure to treat the mothers well, and they will make you and your family happy.
Good Shopping at the Village and Happy Father's Day!

Monday, May 6, 2013



Mother's Day is this Sunday.
I don't remember much about my mother, but I wish I did. In the Village, I see children with their moms, mothers holding infants, grown men and women strolling with their elderly mothers, and couples waiting for their baby to be born.....It's all a facet of Nature, MOTHER Nature.

For this weekend:
If you are looking for a unique gift for Mother's Day, come check out the Glass Guild's twice yearly patio sale, both Saturday and Sunday from 10AM to 5 PM.....

Tables set out throughout the spacious patio will display and sell glass work of all kinds ranging from useable glass, wearable glass to decorative glass. All work is made by glass guild members of Spanish Village.
For those who would enjoy creating clay windchimes:
Beverly in studio 39, invites you to assemble a unique, custom made, windchime, complete with clay beads, glass beads, and brass bells, for Mother's Day.....(she gave me a meatball to mention this---Woof!)

Spanish Village is family and pet friendly..... a charming, vintage village, creating an art colony of San Diegans, who invite you to come see us!

We are open 7 days a week, from 11 AM to 4 PM!

So, my loves,