Wednesday, September 15, 2010

bit by bit makes ed a fantastic mosaic

The morning was sunny and warm. Winchester was stalking the squirrels, who were clacking away with irritation....Winchester must be hungry as I am.

''Hello Girl'' was Ed carrying in his artwork to studio 26. I followed along in his steps, wagging my tail, tongue hanging out, and every fur on my body in its perfect place...appearances in an artist village mean a lot. As I entered the doorway of his studio, I realized Ed was going to set up outside to do his artwork.

Out went the table, out went his unfinished mosaic, and out went his glue and box of tiny bits of colored paper. Ed is not only a fine watercolorist, he is a mosaic artist. Beautiful pictures of koi, flowers, landscapes, and even an incredible portrait of a young woman make up part of his mosaic collection of work.
Ed sits pensively and glues (with Elmer's glue!) bits of squared off paper (color samples from Home Depot) positioned by a needle onto his board. As each square is meticulously placed, one by one, hundreds upon hundreds, the squares take on a Ed is finishing up his Koi's inspired by the fish in the Japanese Tea Garden. I felt as if I was being ignored, since Ed was enthralled in placing his bits of paper onto the mosaic....I went up to him, smiling, and began to wag my tail (maybe a bit too diligently, are those tiny squares of paper flying by?)....I could smell the ham & cheese....

'Oh, I forgot about you, girl'' I nudged his hand and gave him my best GIVE ME FOOD look and stared at his lunch bag. 'Are you hungry Bella?' .... I put my paw on his arm....Out came the sandwich, and Ed gave me half! 'That's my good girl'.....and he's right, I am a good girl. Woof!