Saturday, August 18, 2012


JOSE RUIZ, author, artist, just an all around good guy!
In our village, many art forms are appreciated. On a warm and quiet Sunday morning, I plunked down in studio 13's cool, concrete, floor, where Sylvia creates and displays organic, clay, creations, many depicting her Native American heritage.

However, on this beautiful day, she has welcomed JOSE RUIZ, to do a reading of his second published book...a book of poetry...words read with his intonations, reflecting his life and views of life...some whimsical and some thoughtful.

The willingness to express Art comes diversified...Expressions in clay, glass, paintings, wood and more, lend to visual images of Art. The expressions in words lead to images from our minds. All, hopefully affecting our emotions. All being different forms of Art.

Do you think Art is Emotion?
I think pizza is emotion.....and a cool, freshly, dug hole to lie in.....
JOSE'S books are offered on Amazon.....  Click on Link below!
"Thunder and Wind" 100 Poems
Keep Cool,
Love, Bella




The Glory Hole at Studio 19 Spanish Village Art Center - Balboa Park
Andy, in studio 19, has a working art studio at the back of the village in an alcove. In her studio, you can see the results of her glass blowing, purchase them, if you like, or stand outside and watch her demonstrate the art of blowing glass or teaching a student the steps to blowing glass. Because of the nature of her equipment, the high temperature from the glory hole, and molten glass, safety is equally important as the actual learning of glass blowing....and having the skin of an iguana, because of the need for high tolerances of heat....

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling
It is amazing how small grains of sand-like material melts with high heat, and allows itself to be blown, with human breath, into different shapes and sizes.
Andy brings to life, an old, respected, craft, and shares the skill to her students.

                                                     Andy and Kevin - Studio 19
On weekends, and some weekdays, you can drop by and watch her demonstrate.

As for me, heats makes my fur frizzy, so I prefer to keep a distance, preferably near someone eating....who likes to share.

Until Later My Loves,


Monday, August 13, 2012


SCOTT KUHNLY and BELLA (aka Roxie)

SCOTT KUHNLY, a member of Spanish Village for over 40 years, passed away July 27, 2012.   For as long as I've been with the Village, Scott would give me bites of his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, long tummy rubs, and pats on my head followed by the familiar sounds of his voice. Scott displayed his watercolor and oil paintings near the entrance of the Village on the patio.
The scent of Scott has disappeared, and the habit of seeing him almost every weekend makes me sad, now that he is gone. An overwhelming minutiae of feelings and memories leave me uncertain, but I focus on special memories with Scott....the minutiae dissipates to warm thoughts and memories I hold in my heart....recapturing my friend, Scott....and that feels good.
Until Later, all my Love, Bella

Check out an earlier post with Scott and I at this link.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Good Morning, I've been rising earlier with the laughing, chattering, and excitement brought on by the kids who are attending the village's summer school program. Children, ages 6 and up, attend by the week, art classes taught by village artists....classes are held both in the morning and afternoon....Handsculpting with clay, objects made from natural fibers gleaned from the park,
acrylic painting, mixed media classes and so much more, offer children eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, use of art utensils, focus, color/pattern and shape appreciation, and a happy environment to introduce kids to art.
The creations made by the kids bring smiles to their faces, and an opportunity to make new friends, and good memories of Spanish Village Art Center. As for me, I love all the attention from the kids, especially when it's lunch time, Until later, much love, Bella