Sunday, May 20, 2012


My new buddy Leo It was a lazy Sunday in the village. Brandon and I were hanging out, looking for any action....and now I think I've seen it all. Riding down the patio is a Pomeranian, named Leo, in a remote controlled roadster! Brandon and I were busting a gut laughing!.....What really made us bust a gut, was the pride and importance Leo emitted while cruising the he for real??? me, it's like showing up in school just wearing your undies.
There definitely are interesting, funny, if not strange, stuff to see in the village!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


ANN L MITCHELL, ARTIST BLOWN GLASS Erika, the rag doll cat, and I were laying in a cool, freshly dug up hole, listening to Ramon strum on his guitar.....the patio was covered with tables laden with all kinds of glassware....vases, jewelry, dishes, suncatchers, sushi dishes, tea pots, odd coffee cups, and whimsical animals.....alll made of glass! Mother's Day weekend was the twice yearly patio glass sale. Erika climbed a tree and was adoring the school of glass fish....she wanted you to see it, too.
CYNDY McQUADE, ARTIST BLOWN GLASS Did you know we have school for glass blowing here in the village??? Well, that's a different kind of school....


I was dozing under the jacaranda tree when I felt a slight touch on my nose.....opening my eyes, I saw this beautiful butterfly looking right at me.....and then she flew off....what must it feel like to fly??? I can only imagine. During this time of year, you can see different colored butterflies gracing our plants and flowers in Spanish Village. Occassionally, I see Priscilla or Erika jump on them for sport. each their own, I wouldn't catch me or Brandon doing such a ridiculous stunt.


TOM and ROXIE (aka BELLA) Do you like my hair style? I overheard my buddy Tom saying I needed a grooming. Here's me and Tom posing in front of 'The Warrior', a sculpture created from the Sculptor's Guild, here in Spanish Village. It is adorned with glass, rocks and glass.....did you know it is hollow inside? We have 6 guilds reresenting various arts and crafts.....such as the sculptor's guild; enamal guild; potter's guild; woodcarver's guild; glass guild; and the Southwest Art Association......many of them offer classes. If you see me and Tom walking about the Park, come by and say 'hi'.