Saturday, March 19, 2016

When a Bunny is a Chicken


'Hello Little Chicks and Bunnies,

Spring is right around the corner.  And, do you know what that brings? 

Spanish Village's Annual.....drum roll, please.

held on Easter Sunday, March 27th
from 11AM -4 PM

Every hour and on the half hour, plastic Easter eggs filled with pre-wrapped yummy treats, and surprises wait for your discovery.  Gummies, chocolates, sweet tarts, chewing gum, toys, fun jewelry, confetti filled eggs and lots of fun is enjoyed by all children in this celebration..... Villagers hope, in this outreach,  children will be exposed to an environment of arts and crafts. 

Concurrently, with the egg hunt, our 37 working art studios welcome you to watch artists create art, discuss art, purchase villager's artwork, listen to live music, and enjoy our colorful, vintage, art village and its special, artsy, ambience. 

We are free to enjoy, family and pet friendly.

Brandon, my poodle buddy, Erika, the ragdoll cat, Matilda, the canyon coyote, Franklin, the arachnophobic rat, and Emily, the tree squirrel, have all been anticipating the goodies dropped on the floor from this celebration.  Last year, Franklin, the arachnophobic rat, was dead on his back for a whole day, from over stuffing himself with taste treats....Matilda, the canyon coyote, got some gum stuck to her tail (drove her nuts, spinning in a circle, trying to chew it off)....I asked Brandon, my poodle buddy, what he most liked about Easter.  He said the Easter, I asked him why?...and he said ''because it tastes like chicken''.....I guess when it comes right down to it, we are all animals.

My darling 2 and 4 legged friends, I am looking forward to seeing you for the hunt!

Love to You,

Bella the blogging dog
woof-woof!  bow-wow!