Friday, June 21, 2013


''In A Perfect World, Every Dog Would Have A Home, and Every Home Would Have A Dog''
In an ideal world, we would all have homes....every dog, every person, anyone who wanted a home should have a place to call home.
I do not have a home.....well, I had one awhile back, but I didn't like the yapping, little, dog next door, the television on all day, being fenced in, and I missed my friends at Spanish Village....I had developed a nervous chewing habit that the vet said was, here I am, back at the Village, and more of the chewies, and my ears aren't bombarded with the noise of the television, or that yapping dog....
Homes come in different places....for Brandon, my buddy, the poodle, it's his bed with his master,  for Erika, the ragdoll cat, it's in a dry, cozy, unused storage box, for Franklin, the arachnophobic rat, it's a dark corner in Mary's studio, and, for me, it's the wherever the food smells good and the belly rubs are aplenty......which, is here, in Spanish Village Art Center.
                                                               MOLLY and TOM
Here, amongst the friendly artists, surrounded by original art, and the charming, colorful, vintage, white cottages, I call home.....I guess home is where your friends are....home is where your heart resides.
There's a saying, ''a man's soul can be judged by the way he treats his dog'' Charles Doran....
And, it is here, Spanish Village, where charm and soulfulness can be found in the artists and the artwork they create.
Come and visit us!