Friday, June 13, 2014


''Cowardly Dogs Bark Loudest''   ....John Webster

 If this is the case, then Brandon, my poodle  buddy, and I,  are right up there with Spiderman and Superman, because we rarely bark....what's there to bark at, here in beautiful Spanish Village?

We get plenty of belly rubs, tasty food, fresh water, and compliments aplenty. Lately, we've been watching Shirley and Elizabeth scampering between studio and the Potter's Guild...It must be time for the twice yearly Potters' Guild Show in the patio.
 We are looking forward to seeing you at the POTTERS' GUILD SPRING SALE which takes place on JUNE 14th & 15th, SATURDAY and SUNDAY, from 10 AM to 5 PM.
Come peruse the assortment of handmade clay items, both utilitarian and decorative.  Enjoy the clay artwork that is fired sagger, raku, salt, and more!  Every item is handmade albeit on a potter's wheel or hand sculpted...all original art.
The whole patio is covered with booths of clay work, manned by the clay artists whose creations are being displayed....they welcome any questions you might have of their work.
Come see the inside of the Potter's Guild in studio #29, listen to the live music and nosh on the goodies provided by the food booths....and remember to toss some tidbits to me and Brandon.  
It's lovely in Spanish Village, free to enter, has 37 working art studios, open to the public on  weekdays from 11-4, and on weekends from 11-5.

We are Dog and Family Friendly.
Matilda, the canyon coyote, Margaret & Franklin, the village rats, Erika, the village cat, all send their greetings to you!
Love is good,