Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good Bye.

Dear Readers of my blog,

I am sorry yet very happy to tell you I have been adopted by Lai. She is taking me to my new home. I will miss the Village life, but I am looking forward to having my own home and bed to sleep in..... so this is the last of my blogging....

Good Bye, my friends....and may you always keep the spirit.

Much Love,


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Wonder and A Reflection

I have been called a 'good dog', a 'cute dog'....but, never a pretty dog. I am looking at my reflection in Lai's glass door and am wondering if maybe I could be considered interesting or pretty. You might ask 'what's the big deal?'.....Well, the Balboa Park 2nd Annual Top Dog Photo Contest is coming up...entries (photos) of dogs posing or frolicking in Balboa Park are wanted for this contest....Spanish Village would be ideal with it's Spanish charm and colorful tiles throughout the village... I'm just wondering if someone like me would have a chance at winning the Loews Coronado Bay Resort overnighter that includes dog surf lessons and lots of doggy goodies...or perhaps, 2nd place, a dog portrait, and Balboa Park Passports...maybe I could get Alane to take some photos of you think I could win? I don't know..maybe I could get Beverly to brush my fur....Cassandra to put on a fresh bow....

*Balboa Park Top Dog, submit Aug 29-Sep 16,, voting on line from Sept 21-Sept 30....winner chosen Oct 3.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Potluck and Board Meetings

My comfortable hole is freshly dug, and I am getting whiffs of the potluck food for the board meeting this evening....smells like fried chicken, chocolate cake, oil and vinegar, ummm, pizza, and I think Carol's pork roast.....the village is the next best thing to home....

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Flea Baths and Dried Fish

The morning is is cooler now, and I feel somewhat better since Beverly gave me a flea bath. She tried to give Pricilla one, too, but Pricilla would have none of it.

Already, the patio artists are unloading their artwork for today's sales. All the studios will be open since it is a weekend...and the kid's weekday art classes are closed for the weekend.

I ate a piece of dried fish....not too sure how I feel about it. An artist from Finland gave it to me while she was sitting in Gallery 21 for the Finn Fest Show that ends on Aug. 22nd...lots of photos, mixed media, paintings and jewelry from and about Finland...

Well, time to do my morning stretch and say 'hi' to the patio artists! Hope you and your dogs come visit me! Woof!

Monday, August 1, 2011

An Evening of Enjoyment

The white lights were strung throughout the patio, up and down the patio, tables were covered with various, colorful cloths, each adorned with a pot of colorful flowers, individual food stations representing foods from Thailand, Mexico, United States, Italy, India, and more were set up along the perimeter of the patio, candle light, live music, and over 500 chattering, hungry, happy people enjoying themselves, had a party last night at the Village....most of the art studios were open to welcome the guests...I was a hit at the party, so much petting, compliments and treats! Afterwards, all the artists enjoyed the overabundance of food....including me! How I love corporate paties!