Saturday, December 17, 2016

WHEW! December Nights has finished!!!!!!!



Christmas on the Prado AKA: December Nights AKA: Christmas in Spanish Village.......has finished, and is revving up for next year.

Just too tired for words.....but, here are the photos!






Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Gobble Gobble, Ho! Ho! Ho! and Cheers! to you!

Dear Ones,

We are off and running for the holiday seasons!  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's is fast appearing in our hearts, minds, and pocketbooks.

Brandon, my village buddy and I are placing bets as to whether Franklin, the village rat, will be eaten for dinner or served dinner for Thanksgiving by Mathilda, the canyon coyote.....never can tell.

Christmas on the Prado AKA: December Nights, is happening the first Friday night and Saturday night of December from approximately 4-11 PM.....As usual, the Village will be lit up with fairy white lights throughout the patio, live music will entertain your ears,  the aroma of yummy treats will tickle your nose, Santa will let you sit on his lap for a photograph, lots of art and food booths will be set up for your perusing, and the village artists will be looking forward to sharing their art.

Most of all, Brandon, the poodle and I, will be awaiting to greet you, get belly rubs, pats on the head, compliments, and perhaps taste treats from you....I will be wearing the  big red bow and Brandon will be wearing his green bow tie.

As usual, parking will be at a premium, although there is paid parking next to the carousel....shuttle service is provided from the Naval Hospital....we hope to see up to 200,000 visitors over the weekend.....museums are free at night.....lots of festivities throughout the park.....and keep in mind, it is usually COLD.

Hope to see you there!

Love to you!

Bella the blogging dog from Spanish Village Art Center

Monday, October 17, 2016

Howlingween, Spooktacular Spectors and What's for Thanksgiving

Hello My 2 Legged Friends,

Summer has become a recent memory, and Autumn has settled into the golden leaves, and shorter days....with this passage of time comes the tumbling of holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's....AND keep in mind, less than 9 Sundays til Christmas!  That's 9 weekends to come meander our Village, and choose one of a kind gifts of all mediums.

You Are Invited to the Village's Halloween Festivities!

Annual Halloween Doggy Costume Contest:
Saturday, October 29
Check in time: around noonish
Doggy Parade: around 1 PMish
In the Main Patio, look for the check in booth.
*Lots of Prizes
*Includes Doggy Parade
*and, a lot of laughter

Goblins, ghosts, gouls, princesses, super heros, etc. are invited to 'trick or treat' at our 37 working art studios.  Come chat with and observe  artists creating, enjoy the yummy, wrapped, treats and live music!

Over here, the news flash is Franklin, the arachnophobic rat and lothario, thinks he has become Matilda, the canyon coyote's big squeeze.  She is plying him with her stash of food....and covertly licking her lips at him.  Brandon, my poodle buddy, and I calculate in another month or so, he will becomes Matilda's Thanksgiving dinner.

My village buddies and I are looking forward to seeing you on Halloween!

Still loving you,
P.S. I am very fond of meatballs and pizza (in case you are wondering)...


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Art Classes, Food Hoarding, and Village Life

Hello My Friends,

I've missed writing to you so much!  Sometimes, health, time, and just daily living get in the way of some of the things one writing to you.

Okay.  What can I recount to you..... The village had its glass guild and potter's guild patio sale....we have it twice a year for each guild.  Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

Now that it is officially summer, just a few days from July the 4th, Independence Day, the Village has fallen into its comfort zone of yearly children and adult summer school art classes.  See our class website for the art classes offered.  Children often return year after year to do creative art..... stimulating their fine motor skills, color appreciation, spatial and tactile skills, and shaking up that right side of the brain.  Every summer, the returning student artists remember my name, bring me treats and give me hugs, plus some pleasurable belly rubs. They are a joy.  Http://

As for my social life at the Village, Brandon is thinking of making a commitment to me (finally)....however, thinking ain't doing.

  Matilda, the canyon coyote, has given birth to six little 'Matildas'.....Franklin, the arachnophobic rat, and his big squeeze, Emily, the Village squirrel, have gone their separate ways....word out is Emily and Erika, the Village cat, have formed an alliance to gather up and store all the food stuffs found in the village....and Emily is gaining weight, eating her heart out, and all the food stuffs, over losing Franklin.

We aren't that different from the 2-legged folk.

Everyone, come visit us. 

We are open 7 days a week, from 11-4 week days and 11-5 on weekends.....we have live music, artist, who love to discuss their art,  displaying and demonstrating their creations..... in a charming vintage Spanish Andalusian artist village, ideal for colorful, interesting photos shots, art purchasing and wonderful memories.

We are family and pet friendly.  Free to come browse.

Come say 'hi' to me!

Much Love to You!

Bella....woof! woof! bow-wow! (if you only knew how much more literate we dogs can be).....

P.S. Bring me pizza, lemon chicken, and cookies!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

When a Bunny is a Chicken


'Hello Little Chicks and Bunnies,

Spring is right around the corner.  And, do you know what that brings? 

Spanish Village's Annual.....drum roll, please.

held on Easter Sunday, March 27th
from 11AM -4 PM

Every hour and on the half hour, plastic Easter eggs filled with pre-wrapped yummy treats, and surprises wait for your discovery.  Gummies, chocolates, sweet tarts, chewing gum, toys, fun jewelry, confetti filled eggs and lots of fun is enjoyed by all children in this celebration..... Villagers hope, in this outreach,  children will be exposed to an environment of arts and crafts. 

Concurrently, with the egg hunt, our 37 working art studios welcome you to watch artists create art, discuss art, purchase villager's artwork, listen to live music, and enjoy our colorful, vintage, art village and its special, artsy, ambience. 

We are free to enjoy, family and pet friendly.

Brandon, my poodle buddy, Erika, the ragdoll cat, Matilda, the canyon coyote, Franklin, the arachnophobic rat, and Emily, the tree squirrel, have all been anticipating the goodies dropped on the floor from this celebration.  Last year, Franklin, the arachnophobic rat, was dead on his back for a whole day, from over stuffing himself with taste treats....Matilda, the canyon coyote, got some gum stuck to her tail (drove her nuts, spinning in a circle, trying to chew it off)....I asked Brandon, my poodle buddy, what he most liked about Easter.  He said the Easter, I asked him why?...and he said ''because it tastes like chicken''.....I guess when it comes right down to it, we are all animals.

My darling 2 and 4 legged friends, I am looking forward to seeing you for the hunt!

Love to You,

Bella the blogging dog
woof-woof!  bow-wow!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Kindness in giving creates love ....Lao Tzu

Gina Meyers

Sandy Levin
Gary Mercurio

Alane Gray
 Hello My Dears!

Finally, the destructive winds have moved through our village.....the toppled umbrellas, run away trash cans, knocked over planters, uprooted fallen trees, and more, have paid the price of strong winds.  And calmness and beauty have returned.

Life in the village has returned to normalcy.

I am curled up in an old, fuzzy, warm, comforter in Sylvia's studio....nights and mornings are bitterly  cold.  I am grateful for my village home where there is Love and care for me.
I am not homeless.

Susan and Kathy are walking by the studio, carrying donations of assorted artwork,
 preparing for:

Art Abandonment Day
on Valentine's Day Feb. 14, 2016
from 11 AM to 4 PM

 placed at random,
throughout Balboa Park!!!

The art is FREE FOR THE FINDING,  from Spanish Village Artists,  who hope our outreach spreads Love through art. 

Love, I think comes in many forms.  Brandon, my poodle buddy, loves bones with meat still on it.  Emily, the village squirrel, and Franklin, the arachnophobic rat, love rekindling their affections for each other.  Matilda, the canyon coyote, and Erika, the village cat, have formed a hunting alliance for the love of freshly hunted rabbit flesh.  As for me, I love Spanish Village,  and all the  2-legged and 4-legged friends.  It is a place I call home. There is so much to love.

Remember ART ABANDONMENT this Valentine's Day!
Drop by Spanish Village and enjoy our art!


Pastels - Michael Heikkinen

Much Love to You,

Bella the Blogging Dog at Spanish Village

Stained Glass - Mick Mosley