Thursday, March 15, 2012


Here I am taking a short break to PEOPLE WATCH it's such a windy and blustery day in Balboa Park. Sigh!.

It's funny. You can't see the wind, but you can feel and see the effects of it.
My fur may appear a bit disheveled, an effect from the blustery, rainy, week.

Pricilla, our feral cat, who detests getting her paws wet, and Franklin, our overly anxious village rat, have found hiding places for warmth and shelter.

At night, on the weekend, the folks in the alley set up a party called 'Art in the Alley' was raining, but the artists and guests were having fun. Everyone was giving me taste treats (my favorite was meat balls), pats on my head, belly rubs (ahhh!), and compliments.

I love village festivities!

Is Love like the wind? You can't exactly see it, yet you feel and see the effects. What do you think?

Until later,

Bella aka Roxie

FYI! I am constantly walking up to those who smile, When Im not watching people, I love to rub up against them for a "petting-session".

Should I have my own Facebook page?

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