Saturday, August 18, 2012


JOSE RUIZ, author, artist, just an all around good guy!
In our village, many art forms are appreciated. On a warm and quiet Sunday morning, I plunked down in studio 13's cool, concrete, floor, where Sylvia creates and displays organic, clay, creations, many depicting her Native American heritage.

However, on this beautiful day, she has welcomed JOSE RUIZ, to do a reading of his second published book...a book of poetry...words read with his intonations, reflecting his life and views of life...some whimsical and some thoughtful.

The willingness to express Art comes diversified...Expressions in clay, glass, paintings, wood and more, lend to visual images of Art. The expressions in words lead to images from our minds. All, hopefully affecting our emotions. All being different forms of Art.

Do you think Art is Emotion?
I think pizza is emotion.....and a cool, freshly, dug hole to lie in.....
JOSE'S books are offered on Amazon.....  Click on Link below!
"Thunder and Wind" 100 Poems
Keep Cool,
Love, Bella



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