Saturday, August 18, 2012


The Glory Hole at Studio 19 Spanish Village Art Center - Balboa Park
Andy, in studio 19, has a working art studio at the back of the village in an alcove. In her studio, you can see the results of her glass blowing, purchase them, if you like, or stand outside and watch her demonstrate the art of blowing glass or teaching a student the steps to blowing glass. Because of the nature of her equipment, the high temperature from the glory hole, and molten glass, safety is equally important as the actual learning of glass blowing....and having the skin of an iguana, because of the need for high tolerances of heat....

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling
It is amazing how small grains of sand-like material melts with high heat, and allows itself to be blown, with human breath, into different shapes and sizes.
Andy brings to life, an old, respected, craft, and shares the skill to her students.

                                                     Andy and Kevin - Studio 19
On weekends, and some weekdays, you can drop by and watch her demonstrate.

As for me, heats makes my fur frizzy, so I prefer to keep a distance, preferably near someone eating....who likes to share.

Until Later My Loves,


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