Wednesday, June 2, 2010

'P' is for Paintings & Panetone!

When I wake up in the mornings, I like to stretch out like one of Jon's cats, look up to the sky, lift my tail up and spread wide my toes! Followed by a good body shake, all is good... especially to be alive here in Spanish Village Art Center...with my artist friends who everyday create all sorts of paintings and sculptures from abstract to representational and so much more arts & crafts.
This afternoon, I am curled up in Carol's cozy studio (#1), occassionally looking up to see her progressing on a colorful expressionistic painting of Italy.
Her pallet of colors are smeared across a large glass square of oil paints in itself forming an interesting painting. I pretend we are in Italy, and Carol is painting in a charming studio in Tuscany....where are our glasses of vino?
...What's that I hear, as I lift my beautiful fluffy ears up. Plastic ruffling? Plastic ruffling over , hmmm, panetone! Panetone! As I open my eyes, I see smiling Carol handing me a piece to savor. Ummm! Time to beg another piece! Ciao!
NOTE: Images are Copyright Protected! Artist Carol Foster, Fine Art - Oil Find Carol in Studio 1

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