Monday, June 14, 2010

Ceramics and Abstracts

Sunday afternoon was sunny and warm. Tables covered with ceramics were set out along the length of the main patio....pots, cups, cassaroles, dishes, vases, sculptures, masks, and other artwork only the imagination can define. It was the Pottery Guild's Semi-Annual Sale.
Visitors balancing armfuls of ceramics, people meandering from table to table searching for that special bargain or find. Bella considered making her rounds up and down the patio to welcome the new guests and say hi to the returning Potter's Guild members....but first the bella stretch: back arched, head looking up to sky, tail pointed high, toes stretched wide....ahhhhh! step two: shake shake shake! every hair is perfection....''now, I am ready to strut my stuff .''
I went to lick the hand of Don in studio 3, who was concentrating on his spectacular, colorful, abstracts....I tilted my head to focus on a semi-completed lion's face with colorful splashes of dots around's whimsey made me smile....and I wondered what goes on in the head of an abstract artist?
I poked my head outside his door and began my job of welcoming guests....nice life if you can get it!

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