Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Winchester Doesn't Get Donuts

In our village, we have a gray cat, Winchester, whom I leave food for on occasion....he jumps from roof top to roof top, disturbing the chirping squirrels, all the while, hunting for stray rats and mice...a high protein diet, if there ever was one.
I lie down next to Gallery 21, and watch Winchester groom all parts of his body, consuming hours out of the can any cat be so vain...I give myself a few licks, and quickly shake each fur on my body into perfection. And, now I have to remove myself from the doorway of Gallery 21.
This morning they are jurying the- Catnip Connection 4 Show!
Every year, Vicky and Marji help organize a fundraiser for feral cats...and yes, I value this, because it wasn't many years ago, I was homeless, displaced and very scared. If it wasn't for the big caring hearts of Vicky, Marji, and the other volunteers, many cats would have less help...odd how the love of cats, competition of art, and big hearts, can translate into helping furry felines.
All these giddy and/or apprehensive women and serious men are carrying different renditions of cats. Each are carrying shades of uncertainty towards being juried into the show...
Big and small canvases, cats! cats!... purple and lime green cats, space cats, wild cats, kitty cats! TOO MANY CATS!!! As I sit and watch each painting pass through the door, I am amazed at how many facets can be called a cat. Such boring predictable creatures.
Vicky and Marji are busily collecting and checking in the occasional pat on my head, or remark about my beautiful fluffy ears grace my ears and I wonder if they notice my new collar....why don't they put on a DOG show...dogs are, without doubt, the race that is far superior to vacuous cats.
I pad my feet into Gallery 21. Vicky pats me on the head and says ''Are you in to see the cats, girl?'' As I pass her desk, out of the corner of my nose, I smell donuts! DONUTS! I decide to lie down on Vicky's feet and wait for her to open the box of donuts! Ummm!
You won't see the likes of Winchester feasting on these!

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