Thursday, June 17, 2010

Metal Goddesses, Sharon and an Australian

It was an overcast, sleepy afternoon day. I was sprawled out in studio 26 when my nap was interrupted by a guest entering. Drowsily, I could hear Sharon's Celtic music drifting through the air.
Today, Sharon had decided not to pound on her copper and brass creations, but to sit quietly, adding embellishments such as colorful beads on her creations...finishing touches meant to attract the passersby. Much of her artwork is hung along the window space, the sun's rays shining through the beads. Day of the Dead masks, goddesses with words of a wild woman inscribed , and other feminist artwork, line the walls. One wonders what goes on in the head of a feminist metal artist who writes whimsical words of wisdom...and creates this wonderful art.
Sharon looks up to the customer, ''Hi''. ''If there's any questions, just let me know. Those paintings are done by Lai. She uses oil pastels on canvas, and, as you can tell, she's into dogs.''
The customer has a big smile on her face and said ''I love these happy paintings! They are so colorful and uplifting! How much is this?''
Sharon gets up to check the price and said ''Where are you from?''
''I'm traveling here from Australia''. ''I was wondering if this painting could be sent to me?''
''No, I'm sorry, but I think it is small enough to be a carry on. I could drop the price $15 if you would like to buy it and carry it on the plane.'' (great negotiation Sharon).
The customer kept smiling at the painting and said ''yes'', she'd like that.
Sharon wrapped up the painting...handed it to the smiling lady.
It feels so good to make a customer happy....Lai is happy for selling the painting...and Sharon is happy for making the sale....we are all happy. What??? sniff! sniff! Time for our mid afternoon snack! A milk bone for me and whatt???? CHICKEN for Sharon??? NOT FAIR!!!

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