Tuesday, June 15, 2010


In the morning, mist settles on the premises....I just heard Winchester, the cat, chase a angry chirping squirrel across the adobe tiled roof...both, had wild eyes looks...when will Winchester ever realize he's too slow for the squirrels?
Never, because cats are vacuous...lick themselves, chase rats, mice and squirrels, and hope to have enough to sustain themselves....I, on the other hand, relish the treats given to me by the village artists, no chasing like Winchester, no demeaning myself....my artists take pleasure in feeding me. I do my Bella stretch, heads up, tail up, back arched, toes spread wide, ahhhh! such a satisfying feeling, and swoosh! My bella shake! Now, all my hairs are in place to perfection! I am perfection!
There goes Marji into the cat show...hmmm, I wonder if there are leftovers from last night's reception??? I'll trot on over to investigate....into the door of Gallery 21 I go. CATS! It's the Catnip Connection 4 Show. Cats of all sorts festoon all the walls. Oil representational, abstracts (I see on of Don's), expressionism, ceramic cats, colored pencil cats, mixed media kitties.... BUT first place is a large photo of a cat sitting in a bowl looking at his shadow....Mary Ella's work! Congratulations! A photograph took first place!
I walk through the gallery shaking my head with doubt and wonder at this admiration of the feline race, and see Marji. She is carrying a hand made bowl from the potter's guild full of ham and what???!!!?? SALAMI! Oh solo mia!!!!

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