Monday, June 7, 2010

A New Collar for Bella

I woke up to the hammering sound from Margaret in studio 20....there she was sitting behind her large, beat up wooden table, pounding away on leather.
One of a kind, colorfully etched leather purses of all shapes, sewn by hand, is the result of all her concentrated pounding.
''Bella!'' She called me over and pat me on my head, pulling my silky ears as her hand retreated. ''Look girl''. Above my head dangled a brand new leather collar complete with colorful india ink etchings of flowers, bumblebees, lady bugs, and right in the middle my name 'BELLA' all in beautiful shades of pink, my favorite color!
''There you go Bella, for being such a good guard dog when I stay late at night''.
I was so excited, I ran in circles with happiness occassionally letting out a feminine yelp.
And then, Margaret ran her hand over my head and gently pulled on both ears, and told me I was pretty....I perked up my nose for the aroma of ????
Margaret had KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN for me!
It is such a wonderful feeling when your friends treat you right! (even if I do hold water tomorrow)...... ;-)

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