Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ham Sandwich and Rebecca

It's a sleepy Wednesday afternoon, not very many guest meandering through Spanish Village Art Center....and still no invitations for lunch...I lifted my head, still lounging under the Jacaranda tree, with a couple blossoms adorning my fluffy demeanor...I do my Bella stretch and for extra measure shake all the way to the tip of my tail....'now I am beyond perfection'...'somebody around here has got to have goodies'
...walking down the patio, lined with planters of Jacaranada, gladiolas, freezias, calendulas and so much more competing vibrant colors, I step into studio 6....
Rebecca is sitting behind her card table sewing away, using teneriffe stitches and pine needles, creating dreamcatchers....a Native American concept of netting out the bad dreams and letting in the good....I heard her say she's made thousands of these intricately woven hanging beauties adorned with colorful glass beads, feathers, antique findings and more.
Rebecca pets me on the head and says 'hi girl', 'are you going to keep me company?' I wag my tail, lick her hand and hope she knows I haven't had lunch.
It's a lazy day, so I lie down next to Rebecca, one paw resting on her sandaled foot. I feel sprinkles of water on my fur. She is beginning to make a large king palm sheath container....still soaked, and folded over to be sewn on the sides, Rebecca adorns them with more interesting findings, such as parts from an antique Chinese bed, antique glass beads, feathers of all kinds, and so much more.
I look at her and with my beautiful brown eyes. I look at the refrigerator....nope, no cognition of what I am trying to convey....Oy Vey! some humans can be thick! I lift myself up and walk to the refrigerator, and bark! How demeaning, I usually don't consider myself a barker, such a common a behavior.....but, I am hungry.
''Are you hungry, girl?''
Oye Vey, am I hungry? ! Usually I don't have to go to this extent for food. Rebecca walked over to the refrigerator, pulled out a ham sandwich, and, and, I don't believe it, GAVE IT ALL TO ME!!!
Where would this world be without generous hearts, like Rebecca! Yummy! Yummy!

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