Monday, July 11, 2011

Jose's 'The Book of Poems'

Sundays are one of my favorite days of the week, because all the art studios are open, and I can visit many of my friends.

This particular Sunday was Jose's reception....a small meeting of artists in Sylvia's studio, gathered to listen to Jose read passages of his writings, while supporting and celebrating his first published book of short stories, sold on Amazon. Sylvia offered chocolate chip & macadamia cookies, and ice cold lemonade....Jose, Margaret, Mary, Lai and Sylvia chatted about the ways to publish one's book, and enjoyed exchanges of information....I sprawled out on Sylvia's cool cement tiles, waiting for a piece of cookie. There is so much diversified talent at the Village. I am hoping someone will write a book about me....why not?!

*The Book of Poems, Francisco Jose Ruiz (Jose Ruiz), 2011....on

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  1. The Saga of Bella the Dog: Part One.

    It was a hot and soggy kind of day, the humidity and heat simply stifling. Bella shuffled sadly along the patio of Spanish Village, looking for even a tiny spot of shade.
    But there was none to be found. For the mighty sun had scared away the shadows, leaving the artists of Spanish Village (and dogs!) in misery.
    Bella stood up on her two back legs to try and open one of the studio doors with her paws, but it was no use. Doggy paws were not made for opening doors, and every single door int he Village was shut today, in a vain attempt to keep the heat from getting in.
    With a whine, Bella loped off to go try another studio, having the same ill luck. But then a plan occured to her. Why not wait outside until a customer or one of the artists opened a door?
    So she sat outside the door of Studio 24, just waiting for someone to open it. But there were no customers in Spanish Village today, for it was far too hot. And the kindly artists were too busy trying to keep the airconditioning going to notice Bella camped outside their studio.
    If this went on much longer, then Bella knew that she was done for. It was time for desperate measures...

    To be continued!

    Jose Ruiz