Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Hot Day

Everything is back to the way it should be....Pricilla's kittens have all been found. Apparently, she got frightened by the sounds of the fireworks, quickly hid each kitten, and afterwards, forgot where she put them...I, too, was scared by the loud percussions, but Jon's studio was open, so I spent the night with his companionship...actually, it was comforting and mesmerizing watching him sand the rough pods from the king palms into smooth, lustrous pieces of wood.

I am happy to see Scott has returned to sell his paintings in the main patio....he had been missing for so long, but now he is feeling much better. He's the painter, who, from time to time, paints little obscure unidentified flying objects in his country landscapes.

Today is another hot day! I am panting, already, dug into a cool hole that I have dug under a shady tree...hopefully, someone will change my warm water bowl with cool water.

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