Friday, October 22, 2010

Chinese Brush Strokes and Lucy

Watercolor on Silk, Watercolor on Rice Paper

''The greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated''......Mahatma Gandhi

Life in the Village has been good to me. Besides the interesting art, the villagers are kind and caring to me, and the grub is pretty good.

Ramon, the Village minstrel, was strumming 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' with his guitar. The sun was warm and the overall pace of the Village was contentment.

Looking down the patio, I could see the patio artists working on their artwork, occasionally looking up, hoping for an interested customer. I could see Lucy talking to Don. ''There's Bella! Have you been a good dog?'' asked Lucy. I got up, trotted over to her and let her pat my head. ''How ya been Bella?'' said Don. He gave me a soft pat, too.

I followed Lucy into Studio 4. Her studio is spacious, very tidy, with all the walls adorned with her beautiful watercolors. Lucy is a Chinese brush painting artist...and Chinese, too. Much of her work reflects her love for nature and demonstrates her exquisite mastery of the brush. She's blended her Chinese background and the influence of Western painting techniques to develop an innovative style of 3-dimensional watercolor on silk. If you come, you will see works of cranes, dogs, Chinese dancing women, flowers and more all in Chinese brush strokes.

Lucy's work has been selected by the National Audobon Society, National Geographic Society, Smithsonian, and UNICEF for holiday cards.

''Bella, do you want some left over chow mein?''

I couldn't believe my luck! I love chow mein! I wagged my tail, gave Lucy my best happy smile, lifted my head and gave a little bark. It's my good fortune to have such good friends!

Lucy teaches Chinese brush stroke painting on weekends. Her website is call 619-557-0517.

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