Monday, October 4, 2010

A Song In Her Heart

''If there are no dogs in Heaven then, when I die, I want to go where they went.'' Will Rogers.

Dogs are generous creatures. They shower you with affection without anything in return. But, when your affection is returned, to me, it is heaven.

The afternoon sun was hot, and moving over to the westerly sky. Few people were meandering in the Village because of the heat. Looking down the main patio, I could see the patio artist fanning themselves, sucking on iced coffees, working on their crafts, glancing up for a potential customer.

I was lying down under the Jacaranda tree, panting. I was thirsty and my tummy was beginning to growl. It was time to get up and find some grub. Overall, the Village was quiet, except for a sound of a lilt not too far away. Who is that? Who is that singing? I lifted up my ears, perking them to distinguish from where the song was coming. It was Randi singing the 'Rubber Doggy (Duckie) Song' in the air I could hear 'rubber doggy, joy of joy, I'd like a pond of you', I figure it was one of those whimsical days for Randi....sounds like fun. I got up and trotted over to her studio.

''Come on in Bella!' ''I've got some hot dog for you.''
(yummy, I love The Grill's super dogs!)
''Did you like my singing?''
(I wagged my tail, and gave her a big lick on the cheek)

2D Mixed Media

Contented, and lying in Studio 31, on the coolness of her concrete flooring, I watched Randi paint with her pallet knife, concentrating as she delegated the oils onto the canvas, stroke by stroke, creating colors breathing from her canvas, depicting a lotus floating in the Reflection Pond. She is using oil with oil pastels. The textures pull your eyes into consideration and appreciation of her artwork...followed by a comment of awe. A Painting of the architecture of Balboa Park is hung on the wall...the colors shout out with vibrant purples and lime greens. It is a wonderful way to conceive a quiet, staunch, historical building...but, that's Randi, always perceiving outside the box.

It was time to go look for water....Randi's studio doesn't have running water.
Without breaking Randi's concentration on her painting, I got up and went to Lai's studio for a refreshing drink of water underneath the carob tree.

As I trotted to the drinking bowl, I considered what I would be for this Halloween's festivities....I've heard there's going to be a Halloween costume contest for dogs! What fun! I wonder if Winchester would take afront if I dressed up as a cat.

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