Monday, March 23, 2015


Springtime is always a special season, leading in the freshness and newness of Mother Nature.  Birds fly overhead, twigs in their beaks, eager to build nests...colorful blossoming buds, spreading their sweet fragrance, and a renewed optimism toward longer, sunny, days.

In Spanish Village Art Center, we celebrate with:


Come to the:
Annual Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Sunday, April 5th
11 AM to 3 PM
rain or shine
FREE to children
Easter Bunny Helpers will hide eggs on the hour, from 11 to 3, in the patio.  Colorful, plastic,  eggs, filled with pre-wrapped candy, will be slightly hidden for children to find....remember to bring your Easter basket!  And, in honor of  ''Spanish'' Village, this Easter, the bunny has brought   ''cascarones'', colorfully dyed real egg shells, filled with confetti...crack them for good luck! 
Brandon, my poodle buddy, and I, enjoy all the tummy rubs, pats on the head, compliments and
attention...   however, most of all, we enjoy seeing the return of the same children, only a little more grown up.....building happy, positive, family memories of Spanish Village, brought on by the fun activities, and the colorful, cozy, friendly environs, where introduction to all manners of art, demonstrations, and classes are offered by village artists.

Over here, Franklin, the arachnophobic rat, and Emily, the village squirrel, have become quite an item.  Emily shares her raw peanuts with Franklin, he  reciprocates with bits of food scrounged from the village.  I hear Matilda, the canyon coyote, and Erika, the village cat, discussing the abysmal romance, calling it an act against social convention....however, I see they are happy together, and, after all, Matilda did run off and eat Franklin's first wife.
The weather has been week it's as hot as the hottest day in the summer, and the next week, the weatherman is predicting rain....I suspect the plants are a bit confused.  On Saint Patrick's Day, Mother Nature waved her wand and created a severe solar storm (geomagnetic storm) that whipped through Earth's magnetic sphere, leaving in its wake a beautiful Saint Patrick's green across the sky, spanning from the Artic to parts of Oregon and Illinois.
Mother Nature, the greatest artist of all time.

I look forward to seeing you at the Egg Hunt!  There's talk the Easter Bunny will come...
(I so love the Easter Bunny, he tastes like chicken.)
Until later, my loves, 

Bella the Blogging Dog
Woof-woof!  Kisses, too!