Monday, April 13, 2015

So Long 'Elements', 'Hey There' Earth Day, and the Sculptor's Guild

Art by Edward  Moores, Maryellene Deason, Kathi Vargo
Hellooo My Dears from Paradise,

Another day of blissful sunshine, warmth, and good stuff.  I am lying under the table at the Gallery 21, enjoying the village artists who are coming in to collect their art creations from the ELEMENTS SHOW, something special put on by the village for the park's centennial.  Too bad it is closing.  It is
the first of its kind, and quite a success.  However, I do enjoy the pats on my head, belly rubs and compliments as artist come to pick up their art.

   Art by Deanne Tiffany             Steve Maddy                Rebecca Lowell
 As we close down one celebration, we gear up for another.

Art by Carole Mathios, Lucy Wang, Linda Smith, Carol Foster, and Susan Mae Hull

This Sunday is Earth Day throughout Balboa Park....and annual celebration that brings thousands upon thousands of people.  Come see the booths set up in the park, displaying information about keeping Mother Earth well.  In our village, we will have demonstrations relating to art, too.

During this celebration, Brandon, my poodle buddy, and I, like to greet tie-dye folks,  polo shirt folks, flip flop folks, dread lock folks,  and whatever the cat brings in....(no offense to Erika, the village cat). We truly love to see the diversity of folk that Earth Day will
include....and Brandon, Erika, Franklin (the arachnophobic rat,) and his big squeeze the squirrel girlfriend, will enjoy the food droppings of our guests.  Best of all, we enjoy meeting other 4-legged friends and doing the smell test.

Later on in the month, the Sculptor's Guild, in the village, will have its closing reception on April 25, from 5 PM to 9, tours, refreshments, sculptor's raffle, silent auction, and a rocking ambience will invite an enjoyable time to anyone.  The Sculptor's Guild is comprised of local artists. The event is free.

Art by Roxanna Maria
Did you come to the EASTER EGG HUNT?  I saw Franklin lying on his back, feet up, from eating too much dropped candies....his main squeeze was squirreling mouthfuls of candy booty and running up the tree to store away....Matilda, the canyon coyote and Erika, the village cat, have formed a strong bond protesting the relationship between Franklin, the rat, and his squirrel squeeze....agreeing and bonding on the aberration in social convention (overlooking the strangeness of a coyote and fat cat friendship).

Such is life at the village.

Come visit us at the village!  We have 37 working studios, friendly artists who love to talk about their art, demonstrations and artist's vendor booths set up in the patio....we are open 7 days a week from 11 AM to 4 PM....and visiting the village is free.  We are family and pet friendly.

Until Later My Loves,

Bella the blogging dog
Woof-Woof, kisses, too.

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