Monday, July 19, 2010

Chorizo Burritos and Fresh Air

Well, the few bites of chorizo burrito didn't settle well in my tummy....therefore no one would let me lie down in their studio...humans seem so persnickity about fresh air.

The Open House is at full throttle and the sun is beating down...It is a very hot day. Booths line the entire patio with artwork of all kinds, and artists are busily talking to our guests. Paintings of all styles, jewelry, gourd art, custom pens, photography of many interpretations, ceramics, baskets, a caricature artist, Tundrita the gifted tarot card reader, an informational booth selling T-shirts and aprons, kettle corn, tamale stand, and even more. Thanks to Kathi all stayed organized...she even managed to keep a smile on her face. Open House brings out many smiles into our quaint village.

A corner was set aside for artwork made out of ostrich eggs....a contest created by Frank. A diver made from a Bubble gum machine, puffer fish covered with shark teeth, quaint cottages, mosaics, a pregnant Mother Nature, an egg with a political statement and more lined the display table.

Music, played by Capello and Schnaegle, better known as Benchmark, vibrated through the air. Guests & artists were dancing to the rhythm, girls were hula hooping and moving to the beat, many feet were tapping, heads were bobbing and my tail was moving to the music....the sounds gave a lively pulse to the village....and I overhead some say it was nice to see older musicians play 60's & 70's music.
Open House is always a fun day to celebrate our magical village. Each studio sets out treats and I love searching for my favorite goodies.

My tummy was feeling better...and I was hungry. Trotting down to see what Carol was serving for Open House, I lifted my nose to smell...what??? HOT DOGS! No one could serve anything tastier.
'Hey Bella!' 'Come on in girl' was Don with the hot dogs inviting me in....don't mind if I do....he put out his hand to pet me, and I went up to Don with a big smile (and no more dog stinkies!)...oh, how they embarrass me!

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