Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wake Up, It's Time for Open House

Winchester had a wild night last night...I heard him pouncing on the adobe tile roof galavanting with Cloris, the feisty Siamese...looks like we'll have little Winchesters and Cloris's in a couple months.
These warm velvet summer nights are so glorious. The coyotes are chasing the cats who are chasing the rats who are just trying to escape, lovers stroll through, and the occassional homeless will find refuge to sleep in the village. Even at night, the village holds another existence many of us do not see. All leading to sunny mornings, fresh and new, greeted with the sunrising and the concert of birds chirping. Spanish Village is such a magical place.
Time to get up. Ahhh! I love to do my special Bella stretch...up with my head, up with my tail, spread wide my toes and stretch! Ohhh! Followed by my special body shake...there, all the way to the tip of my tail... all my furs are in position...I am perfect.
Today is our Open House are beginning to park on the patio. Patio artists are unloading their cars, setting up their canopies, and introducing themselves to eachother...I see Barbara and Scott unloading their paintings, Ramon and Susie setting up their jewelry booths, the basketman, Mr.Salazar the photographer, and so many more patio artist setting up for the day's festivities. I could feel the sleepiness rapidly dissipating as the energy of the patio artists began creating their display booths.
Ummm! What's that smell? Chorizo Burrito! Yummm! Let me lift my nose up to see who has it....sniff, sniff! No more Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches for me...Scott, my buddy, my UFO aficianado, has the burrito. My stomach began to grumble....time for something to eat....and putting on the Bella charm!

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