Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Hello My Loves!

It is a hot and humid day in paradise.  Thunder clouds surround the sky, teasing us with the chance of rain....but, it's like a sneeze waiting to blast out, or a flea waiting to be scratched dice...just hot and humid....time to dig another cooler hole for relief.

Everyone, you are all invited to:

Spanish Village's Open House
Saturday, September 19
From 11 AM to 7 PM

It is our annual event where artists demonstrate, children have opportunities to experience first hand the creation of art, yummy food aromas and live music drift through the air, a silent auction is held with artwork created by village artists,  and 37 working art studios welcome you into their studios.

We are FREE to the Public.
Family and Pet Friendly...fresh water for dogs, doggy biscuits in studio 26...and more!
Some Studios have goodies/refreshments waiting for you to enjoy.


It is a festive day for everyone!

It is continuity in our village.
...sometimes continuity takes a turn.

A few days ago, Brandon my poodle buddy, Matilda the village coyote, Emily the village squirrel, Franklin the arachnophobic rat (Emily's current squeeze), and I, said our good byes to our friend, Zorro, who lept to Heaven. We found a shady spot to dig a fresh hole where, in his honor: Brandon and I deposited a piece of cheese and pepperoni pizza, Emily and Franklin gave a slice of fresh apple, and Matilda offered a cherished piece of fried chicken.

We will miss Zorro's visits with his Mom, Carrie.

"Our Friend ZORRO"

And, life goes the word is out that Emily the village squirrel is Franklin the father? Will the offspring be called 'squir-rats?' 
Is that even at all possible???!!##??

...stay tuned.

I love you all!

See you at the Open House!

Licks and Wagging Tails,

Your Bella

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