Friday, July 31, 2015

Flowers, Love and Social Convention

Hello My Dears,
The tropical weather has subsided, and we are in paradise, again.

Over the weekend, Spanish Village Art Center celebrated the yearly 'Art in Bloom".
Artists paint their interpretations of the fresh floral arrangements in the courtyard, where visitors watch, enjoy, and talk to the artists.....Humans seem to be the only creatures on earth who imitate and express themselves through art.

Gifts from Mother Nature are plentiful.

Flowers give us colors, shapes, and fragrances.  Our eyes dilate with the pleasure of their beauty, and we savor their aromatic bouquet.

And, with further consideration, we see the lessons of aging....first the seed, then the young bud, then to its petals blossoming beauty, then the petals fall, and only the seeds remain to start the process over again. ..just like humans and dogs, if you think about it.
Mother Nature's plan of Life, and, ironically Death. 
It applies to all her living creatures, even human and dogs....if we are lucky.
Artists, throughout time, have tried to capture its entirety.

Over here, Brandon, my poodle buddy, Matilda, the canyon coyote, and I, lazily share a freshly dug hole, listening to Franklin, the village rat, and, Emily, the village squirrel, (who are a 'thing'), making bizarre conversations.  Apparently, Franklin, the rat, claims to have a great-great-great grandfather who was a quarter squirrel. Even more, Emily the village squirrel, claims her great-great-great-great grandmother was pure rat.  Brandon, Matilda and I, listen to the two jabber, look at each other, roll our eyes, and bust out laughing (Matilda howls).

Love is one thing, whereas, being  'in-love' surpasses everything.....paving new roads for social convention.  For me, I love my buddies and Spanish Village.  
You can visit Spanish Village and all its beauty, 7 days a week, from 11-4 PM weekdays, 11-5 PM weekends, free for all, pet and family friendly. We offer summer classes for kids and adults, and have usually live music.  Our artists love to create, sell, and discuss their artwork.     

We are ready to welcome you!
This year is Balboa Park's Centennial Celebration, too!
There is even more to see  throughout the park, because of the celebrations!
I think of all of you often, and hope to see you at the Village!

Love to all of you, 
Bella the Blogging Dog 
Woof!  Woof!
I love pizza and meatballs!

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