Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hello Everyone!

Did you know THE POTTERY GUILD'S TWICE YEARLY PATIO SALE is happening this weekend, November 9th and 10th, from 10AM to 4 PM!  

 Throughout the village, booths displaying creative, colorful, useful and decorative artworks made of clay.....one of a kind creations, all hand made by our artists.

 So, dear hearts, dip your feet into Christmas shopping, gift buying, enjoying the creative minds of our artists, and meandering through all our 37 working art studios!

 We'll have live music, food booths, and lots of people watching.

 Remember, we are free to the Public, and family and pet friendly!

 .....I was thinking, clay and people are somewhat alike....some you can see right through, and some you cannot.....but, both are fragile.

Had a lovely time at the Doggy Halloween Costume Contest and Parade!

Simon, the blue eyed Siberian Husky just IGNORED ME.

Am I losing my touch????  Turning gray???  Losing my fur???  Putting on weight???  Too many meatball, pizza and milk bones???

Is there anything redeeming about getting on with age????

 Or, I should remind myself to be grateful for every moment and day.....

 So, my dears, enjoy each moment....make happy.....

 Much Love,


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