Friday, February 8, 2013


        Valentine's Day is coming up.....  My mind wanders to what is really Love.

It's clearly a feeling, like a cool breeze on a warm day...something I know is real, but cannot hold or see...only realize the effects of it...such as Lucy's yummy chow mein, Brandon's wet tongue across my nose, Priscilla nudging her kittens, Danielle's signature on a finished watercolor, and so much more.
Is Love the impetus to good actions or art, or are actions and art the impetus to Love? ( I feel like I'm chasing my tail).

Valentine's Day brings me meatballs, bites of pizza, tasty tidbits of this and that, a new pink Valentine's ribbon for my collar, hugs, kisses, and belly rubs from my 2-legged friends in the Village, who show their Love by creating artwork of all types, beit jewelry, paintings, glass/enamel/wood/clay or sculpture, and much more.

So, if you fear that chocolate heart, or box of candies, will make your man loosen his belt buckle, make your lady bust her pants, or finance your dentist's second home....Come to Spanish Village Art Center's 37 working art studios to buy a CALORIE FREE token of your Love.

Okay, so what is Love?
Love has many facets.
It is as hard as diamonds, and much much older.
It is what continues with its own intentions through the minutiae of fear, darkness, and callousness.
It is the undying pulse where there is conciousness.
I am lucky to be loved, but more fortunate to Love.

So, my 2-legged, reading, friends.....




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