Tuesday, January 29, 2013


                                               artist Weston Riffle "Imperial Valley"
                                                      Images are Copyright Protected"
Hi Everyone,
Did you go to the Small Image Show's reception last Saturday night? If you didn't want to brave through the opaque fog, or the rain, here are some photos of the BIG taa-doo about small art!
                                                                        BOW WOW!

artist Ally Benbrook "Stubby Dog"
Images are Copyright Protected
And, remember, it is free to the public, and runs 11 AM-4 PM, 7-days a week, until Feb. 25th!! Come enjoy! Come Buy! Come and say 'hi' to me!
                                             Everone seems to be enjoying the show

Looks Like my friend Barbara was having fun!
So, take care my 2-legged friends.  We are pet & family friendly!

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