Saturday, August 6, 2011

Flea Baths and Dried Fish

The morning is is cooler now, and I feel somewhat better since Beverly gave me a flea bath. She tried to give Pricilla one, too, but Pricilla would have none of it.

Already, the patio artists are unloading their artwork for today's sales. All the studios will be open since it is a weekend...and the kid's weekday art classes are closed for the weekend.

I ate a piece of dried fish....not too sure how I feel about it. An artist from Finland gave it to me while she was sitting in Gallery 21 for the Finn Fest Show that ends on Aug. 22nd...lots of photos, mixed media, paintings and jewelry from and about Finland...

Well, time to do my morning stretch and say 'hi' to the patio artists! Hope you and your dogs come visit me! Woof!

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