Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Art Classes, Food Hoarding, and Village Life

Hello My Friends,

I've missed writing to you so much!  Sometimes, health, time, and just daily living get in the way of some of the things one writing to you.

Okay.  What can I recount to you..... The village had its glass guild and potter's guild patio sale....we have it twice a year for each guild.  Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

Now that it is officially summer, just a few days from July the 4th, Independence Day, the Village has fallen into its comfort zone of yearly children and adult summer school art classes.  See our class website for the art classes offered.  Children often return year after year to do creative art..... stimulating their fine motor skills, color appreciation, spatial and tactile skills, and shaking up that right side of the brain.  Every summer, the returning student artists remember my name, bring me treats and give me hugs, plus some pleasurable belly rubs. They are a joy.  Http://

As for my social life at the Village, Brandon is thinking of making a commitment to me (finally)....however, thinking ain't doing.

  Matilda, the canyon coyote, has given birth to six little 'Matildas'.....Franklin, the arachnophobic rat, and his big squeeze, Emily, the Village squirrel, have gone their separate ways....word out is Emily and Erika, the Village cat, have formed an alliance to gather up and store all the food stuffs found in the village....and Emily is gaining weight, eating her heart out, and all the food stuffs, over losing Franklin.

We aren't that different from the 2-legged folk.

Everyone, come visit us. 

We are open 7 days a week, from 11-4 week days and 11-5 on weekends.....we have live music, artist, who love to discuss their art,  displaying and demonstrating their creations..... in a charming vintage Spanish Andalusian artist village, ideal for colorful, interesting photos shots, art purchasing and wonderful memories.

We are family and pet friendly.  Free to come browse.

Come say 'hi' to me!

Much Love to You!

Bella....woof! woof! bow-wow! (if you only knew how much more literate we dogs can be).....

P.S. Bring me pizza, lemon chicken, and cookies!

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