Sunday, November 2, 2014


Last Sunday was the Annual Halloween Doggy Costume Contest! 

Thank you, everyone, for participating in this folly!  We had a 'howling' good time! 

The winner went to a beautiful Great Pyrenees named 'Princess', dressed as a butterfly, first place went to 2 little furries dressed up as flamenco dancers, 2nd place went to 'Lady' a golden retriever dressed as Hawaiian waihaine.....and third place went to a coupla football playing retrievers with mom and dad wearing matching shirts. 

All the doggy competitors had big smiles, and good manners.  Everyone received a bag of prizes!

Barbara, wearing the 'Lorax' hat, chaired the costume contest... and Pirate Jeff served as Master of Ceremonies for the doggie costume parade.
I am grateful for the attention she has brought to my 4-legged brethren. So, my friends, remember, come  next October to another doggy costume contest and march in our parade!
We are dog and family friendly!

Take Care My Darlings!

Bella the Blogging Dog

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