Friday, April 19, 2013



This Sunday, April 21, 10AM-5PM, Balboa Park, including Spanish Village Art Center, is celebrating out annual Earth Day festivities.

Throughout the Park, informational and demonstrational booths will offer ways to help celebrate and appreciate Mother Earth, encouraging us to be conscientious caretakers of our Earth, acknowledging how she nurtures our ecology, our dependence on her.....knowing her well-being means our-well being.

As for me, a freshly dug hole to lie in, and the warm sun and nurturing rain, that goes to growing wheat, that feeds the cows, that makes the cheese, that makes the cheese pizzas on my whole wheat cheese pizza, that gives Anthony, the delivery person a job, and so much more to our economy/ecology.....

Earth is our Home.....Care and Protect Her!

Love, Kisses,


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