Friday, June 17, 2011

Wine, Cheese, Chocolate & Me.

Tonight, the Women's Museum is hosting a Wine, Cheese & Chocolate fundraiser...the music is pulsing through the air, the little, twinkling, white, lights are strung across the patio and around the jacaranda trees, happy people are swinging to the rhythm of the live band, as I am trying to avoid being stepped on by 4'' high heels, and patted a bit too heavily by men dressed in Hawaiian shirts. The main patio is covered with patrons, chatting, sipping wine, laughing, tasting different chocolates and pungent to mild cheeses. I think of myself as an ambassador for the Village, holding my head high, greeting the guests, wagging my tail, and, Beverly brushed me and Cassandra put a colorful silk bow on my collar, so I look pretty...everyone loves me. Tonight, I think, I will sleep soundly.

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